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 Vintage Eye Candy                                      Specs and Pics For Some of the Great Ones!


Soundcraftsmen MA5200

Stereo Power Amplifier


A beast of an amplifier with stunningly clean output even when driven to extended levels. Well known in the audio world for its build quality and outstanding dynamic range. Conservatively rated at 325 watts into 4 ohms. The one you see on the left benched 400+ watts into 4 ohms.


  Massive Power and Stability Even at Low Ohm Loads

  Very Low Distortion Levels

  Sophisticated Internal Cirucitry

  Best Looking VU Meters Around (My Opinion)



Dynaco 416

Stereo Power Amplifier


Considered by many to be among the top vintage power amps and certainly Dynaco's best.


  350 Watts Per Channel Into 4 Ohms

  .25 % THD At All Power Levels

  8 Output Transistors Per Channel


Sony PS-8750

Stereo Turntable


One of Sony's best ever and considered among the elite vintage turntables. Heavy composite base, touch controls, and a superb tone arm make this unit choice of many audiophiles.


 Direct Drive

 Feather Touch Controls

 Composite Base



Akai CR-80D-SS

8 Track Recording Deck


A quadraphonic 8-track recording deck that is highly sought after by collectors for its stellar performance and terrific styling. Very heavy and well built.


  Discrete 4 Channel Record and Playback

  4 VU Meters on Front Panel

  DIN Connections on Rear Panel



Kenwood KD-500

Stereo Turntable


Well known for its dense and heavy composite base and solid performance. A one-of-a-kind turntable. This example has a Black Widow tone arm installed.


  Massive Composite Base

  Steady Servo Controlled Direct Drive

  Unique Hinged Dust Cover


Sansui SP-5500

4-Way Speaker systems


Sansui's biggest and best vintage speaker. The massive cabinets weighed nearly 100 lbs. each. Six drivers covering 4 frequency ranges.


  15" Woofers

  15" x 4" Horn Midrange

  Dual 5" Midrange Speakers

  Dual 2.25" Horn Tweeters

  8 Ohms, 120 Watts Maximum Power



Akai GX-266II

Reel to Reel Tape Deck


A superb performing reel to reel deck and one of the most visually pleasing decks ever produced by Akai. This deck used Akai's nearly indestructible Glass & Ferrite tape heads.





The Fisher 500C

FM Stereo Receiver


If you are looking for a superb FM stereo receiver you need look no further. The Fisher 500C was a vacuum tube based receiver that was very well engineered. Sound reproduction was warm, clear, and detailed. It doesn't get a whole lot better than this. A nice piece of eye candy too!


  35 Watts Per Channel

  Vacuum Tube Based Receiver

  Outstanding Sensitivity

  Dual Phono Inputs




Pioneer SX-1980

AM/FM Stereo Receiver


Along with the Technics SA-1000 this receiver defines the popular term "monster receiver". It's big, beautiful, and powerful. Your house lights dimmed when you hit the power button on this beast. Pioneer's best ever.


  270 Watts Per Channel

  12 FET Transistors

  Massive Transformer and Power Capacitors

  Weighed Nearly 80 Lbs.



Phase Linear Andromeda III

Panel Speakers


These are among the most unusual speaker designs you are ever likely to see. Six foot tall panels with front firing, rear firing, and upward firing drivers with dispersion lenses. These are usually coupled with the Andromeda III subwoofer from Phase Linear. Hearing these speakers is as close to being at an actual live performance as you will get.


  6 Feet Tall

  9 Drivers Per Panel

  Power Hungry - 250 Watts Max

  Extremely Rare


Akai GXC-570D II

Stereo Cassette Recording Deck


This deck is ranked among the best from Akai and that's saying something (good). The unique tinted panel was motorized and raised by touching a button to reveal a bevy of buttons and controls.


  Glass & X'Tal Tape Heads

  Unique Motorized Door

  A Multitude of Recording Controls

  Even Provides a Variable Pitch Control!



Pioneer Spec2

Stereo Power Amplifier


Built like a tank (54 lbs!) and equal to any of the best power amplifiers of the day. Conservatively rated at 250 watts per channel with triple push-pull ciruit in the output stage.


  5hz to 80khz Frequency Response Range

  Big Dual Backlit VU Meters

  Advanced Circuit Protection System

  Still Sought After 30 Years After Production!



Pioneer Spec1

Stereo Preamplifier


An exceptional preamp with a huge variety of tone control options and a flexible (and quiet) phono section. This preamp design was so good that Pioneer sold it for 6 years without changing a thing. Wow.


  10hz to 70khz Frequency Response Range

  Very Low Distortion Even at Max. Output Levels

  Super Flexible Phono Section

  Big Variety of Tone Control Options



Pioneer PL-630

Full Automatic Turntable


This was a beautiful turntable and an excellent performer too. The tonearm return system was based on optics (not mechanics) for zero tracking interference. Sophisticated design with 6 internal circuit boards.


  Switchable Quartz Locked PLL Operation

  Very Cool Platter Speed Meter

  Fully Automatic Operation

  Brushed Aluminum Plinth



Kenwood 9G

Stereo Receiver


Maybe not among the best of the best, but definitely one of the best looking vintage receivers and a great piece of eye candy (my opinion).  Plenty of power and an broad set of features too.


  125 Clean Watts Per Channel

  Extensive Tone Controls

  Unique Timer Control For   Automatic Shut Down



Technics SL-MA-1

Technics SL-MA1 Full Automatic Turntable



A stunning turntable that takes "full automatic" to a new level. Push a button and let 'er play!


  Auto Record Size Detect

  Auto Speed Selection

  Nickel-Boron Tonearm

  Brushless DD Motor 

Mcintosh MC2505 Mcintosh MC2505 Stereo Amplifier


A beautiful power amplifier with a great pair of meters! This is an early solid state amplifier from Mcintosh and highly regarded for the quality of its output.



  50 Watts Per Channel

  Clean "tube-like" Output




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