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The Fisher 400
28 Watts Per Channel (Vaccum Tubes)
6 Beautiful Knobs
4 Sweet Switches
1 Groovy Vaccum Tube Meter

Vintage Fisher tube receivers are favorites among collectors for their warn, rich, and clean sound quality.
The Fisher 500
35 Watts Per Channel (Vaccum Tubes)
8 Beautiful Knobs
4 Sweet Switches
2 Groovy Meters

Highly sought after for its rich, clean and powerful output (for a tube based amplifier section).
Kenwood KR-6170
40 Watts Per Channel
13 Beautiful Knobs
27 Sweet Switches
3 Groovy Meters

Very rare vintage receiver with a built-in drum machine! If you need something to keep your hands busy, this is your baby!
MCS 3253
53 Watts Per Channel
6 Beautiful Knobs
23 Sweet Switches
3 Groovy Meters

This may not be a high-end piece of vintage audio, but it's freakin' cool looking! You can spend hours turning knobs and pushing buttons!
Pioneer QX-949A
40 Watts Per Channel (4 channels)
14 Beautiful Knobs
14 Sweet Switches
3 Groovy Meters

Pioneer's most powerful quad receiver with the oscilloscope-like output meter. Neat!
Pioneer QX-9900
38 Watts Per Channel (4 channels)
13 Beautiful Knobs
16 Sweet Switches
6 Groovy Meters

This was one massive vintage quad receiver that was so wide it wouldn't fit in most stereo cabinets. Looks great in the dark!
Pioneer SM-Q305
12 Watts Per Channel (Vacuum Tubes)
4 Beautiful Knobs
6 Sweet Switches
Vacuum Tube Based

An early Pioneer vacuum tube stereo receiver that is hard to find in working condition. Good sound quality when tuned up and tuned in!
Pioneer SX-950
85 Watts Per Channel
5 Beautiful Knobs
23 Sweet Switches
2 Groovy Meters

Loaded with features and among Pioneer's upper tier receivers.
Pioneer SX-980
80 Watts Per Channel
7 Beautiful Knobs
19 Sweet Switches
4 Groovy Meters

One of the best looking vintage receivers (in my opinion). Plenty of features and power make this a solid choice for a vintage audio collector.
Pioneer SX-1250
160 Watts Per Channel
7 Beautiful Knobs
21 Sweet Switches
2 Groovy Meters

This receiver is a favorite among vintage audio enthusiasts. Great sound quality, tons of features, and plenty of power.

Pioneer SX-1980
270 Watts Per Channel
8 Beautiful Knobs
22 Sweet Switches
4 Groovy Meters

Along with the Technics SA-1000 this receiver defines the popular term "monster receiver".  Your house lights dimmed when you hit the power button on this beast. Pioneer's best ever.

Pioneer SX-6000
160 Watts Per Channel
9 Beautiful Knobs
7 Sweet Switches
2 Groovy Meters

















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