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Dynaco Stereo 400
200 Watts Per Channel
Dual VU Meters

Plenty of power and a pair of great looking meters make this Dynaco classic a winner. Includes some built-in tone controls that can be bypassed (advised for best output).
Kenwood KA7300
65 Watts Per Channel
Dual Power Supply
Marantz 1060
30 Watts Per Channel
Mid Level Amplifier
Marantz 15
60 Watts Per Channel
Mcintosh MC2505
50 Watts Per Channel
Dual VU Meters

This is an early Mcintosh solid state amplifier known for the clean tube-like quality of its output.
McIntosh 250
50 Watts Per Channel
Very heavy amplifier
Pioneer SA7500
40 Watts Per Channel
Mid Level Amplifier
Pioneer Spec2
250 Watts Per Channel
Dual VU Meters

A clean and simple design hides an engineering masterpiece. Pioneer's best power amp from back in the day.
Soundcraftsmen MA5200
325 Watts Per Channel
Dual VU Meters

Very conservatively rated output specs. The amp you see on the left benched 400+ watts in our shop without clipping. Nice meters too!

















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